Manual Opening Rooflights for Ventilation

We all know that rooflights will give us a significant amount of natural light, but have you thought about the fact that they can also bring with them other benefits for your home and your life? A rooflight can, in fact, be used to make your space better ventilated and a more ambient temperature throughout the year, simply by choosing a manual opening rooflight. Manual opening mechanisms won’t be super expensive, so it’s not going to add lots onto your rooflight bill. They are easy to open up manually, though if you have very high ceilings, it might be easier to install an electric opening rooflight. A manual opening rooflight will open up manually on hinges, allowing fresh air to circulate. This makes them great for use in spaces like... Read More »

Some Points to Consider for Flat Roofing in Cambridge

Choosing any kind of roofing for your Cambridge-based home is a big decision to make. And it’s never easy making any kind of big decision about your home, because it is always going to be expensive and time consuming. In short, you want to know that you are making the right decision and have chosen well. Roofing most definitely falls into this category, as having a new roof put on your home is never going to be the simplest of home improvements. If it is a new roof entirely, on something like a conservatory or extension, then one of the main options you might be considering is opting for a flat roof. This is an option that can be simpler and take away some of the maintenance for you. When... Read More »

Can Rooflights Cover any Size?

Any one rooflight design will come in many different sizes, often ranging from very small up to a large surface area. However, outside of these standard sizes, it may be hard to find custom rooflight sizes. If you are buying an in-stock rooflight, then it is going to be of a standard size, so you will need to see if this will suit your project. If you do need a bigger rooflight, some will be able to be fitted together end to end to create a larger surface area. There is also the possibility of having a bespoke rooflight design. This is where the rooflight will be made to suit you, to your measurements, so you can have almost any size you like. This will still need to be within... Read More »

Having a Rooflight Made Just for you

Bespoke rooflights have a lot going for them. They can be made into the pattern of any rooflight you like, but with your own sizes and specifications. This is often good news for architects, who might need a specific sized rooflight to go into a project they are working on. The freedom to get anything uniquely sized is very appealing, as it will add character to a property in a whole new way. Bring in different elements of designs and choose the parts of a rooflight that really appeal to you. For example, if you want triple glazing within a flat glass rooflight that also has tinted glass, you will be able to combine these options into the finished product. Make sure you have some details about your project before... Read More »

Automatic Opening Vents vs Skylights – Which is Right for you?

There are many different kinds of automatic opening skylights available within the market, giving you lots of choice with the different features you can select. However, you need to know what you want in order to gain maximum benefit from your skylight and make sure it is an integral part of your home. Some skylights will be more aesthetic, adding to your property and improving your day to day life with its additional light and ventilation options. Others will be more functional, helping to make a property safer and acting as part of a fire safety system. There are some distinct differences you must understand before choosing your skylight.