The Function of Smoke Vents

Smoke vents are fitted into the roof of a building as part of the fire safety system. They are usually used within commercial buildings where there is a large volume of people, though they are also often used in blocks of flats. They are essentially a rooflight that is fitted into the roof of a building, but that is able to open to become a vent for smoke removal in the case of a fire.

You may also hear smoke vents being called SHEVs. This stands for smoke and heat exhaust ventilation, which refers to the function carried out by a smoke vent. (more…)

Why Choose a Rooflight?

A rooflight is a great idea for homes and businesses. If you are thinking about installing a roof light there are lots of reasons why you should do this. First of all, it’s great for energy efficiency. A rooflight can help to insulate a property and to reduce the need for natural light.

Lots of people also like rooflights because they’re very attractive they come in many modern designs. They help to bring plenty of natural light into a building. Appearance shouldn’t be underestimated, as they can also be incredibly strong and durable. They will withstand a lot, including harsh weather conditions and damage to the outside of the building.

Rooflights can be great for domestic or commercial properties, helping to make them more valuable. They are a way of improving the property and when assessed, the property could achieve a higher value once the rooflight has been properly installed.

Heavy Lifting Hydraulic Cylinders – How They Work

Have you ever thought about a huge engineering machines dealing with the most difficult tasks on the Planet? You are interested to know how an enormous power of heavy equipment around you develops? Then this article is written for you to know the principle behind the working of the engineering vehicles and the heavy equipment. People have a misconception that the high power of this heavy equipment from their huge sizes. The real fact is that the huge strength of this heavy equipment is delivered by a single part called the heavy lifting hydraulic cylinders. Though the hydraulic cylinder systems will seem to be a lot complicated, the basic principle behind its operation is very simple. The working principle of the hydraulic cylinders is fascinating. Just keep on reading. (more…)

Understanding Your Roller Garage Doors

A garage is a great place to store your car as well as any tools and equipment that don’t belong in the house, but that shouldn’t be left out in the elements. Garages come in a wide variety of sizes, but in addition to sizes of the garages themselves, there are many different types of doors. While there are a lot of great doors to choose from, one of the doors that is most beneficial and all around great option is the roller garage door. (more…)

How To Select Awnings For Restaurants

An awning is an overhanging canopy which is attached to the exterior of a building. They are typically used to cover the openings of a building like a window, ventilator, door or even a porch. There are awnings for home, restaurants, cafes, hotels and many another type of building. An awning is also referred to as a canopy, overhanging, covering or shade.

Purchasing awnings for restaurants decorating or the sake of convenience can be a wonderful investment for many restaurant owners. Not only can they accentuate the exterior of your restaurant, but they can also provide excellent cover or protection from the elements that Mother Nature may throw our way. Whether or not you’re aiming to add a bit of style to your home or looking to add some outdoor weather protection, there is a wide variety of styles and options to choose from.