Is Natural Light Important in a Home?

Natural light is important for making a home look and feel much more pleasant. It will help to make a room look bigger by bringing in more light, and lighter spaces tend to look larger. If you have a particularly small or dark space, this will make a big difference.

It goes beyond making a space more aesthetically pleasing, though. Natural light is known to have many benefits, such as:

  • Improving natural sleep patterns
  • Making people more hardworking by aiding concentration
  • Improving people’s moods

All of these things are important for your physical and mental health, meaning that you should always spend as much time in naturally lit surroundings as possible.

When you bring more natural light into your home, you are improving its ambience and making it a better environment for everybody who enters. Think about installing rooflights, windows and suntubes to bring in more light where this is possible.

Polycarbonate Domed Rooflights – The Benefits


Polycarbonate domes are a popular type of rooflight that can be used on homes or businesses alike. They help to make a space more light by bringing in natural light from out of doors. This in turn helps to improve aesthetics within.

Why choose a polycarbonate dome? Here are some of the reasons why these rooflights prove so popular:

  • They are unobtrusive internally and externally, but they bring in a great deal of light. Some people choose to have more than one if their roof space is larger.
  • Polycarbonate isn’t as expensive as glass, so a polycarbonate dome will cost less to buy and install.
  • Polycarbonate is a strong, resilient material that will resist harsh weather conditions and isn’t easy to break into, meaning that your property will also be more secure.
  • Easy installation. You can have a polycarbonate rooflight installed into a flat roof very quickly, and lead times are usually short.

Is a Flat Glass Rooflight the Right Option for you?

A flat glass rooflight is one of the most modern types of rooflight you can choose. It will give your home or business a certain look – contemporary, stylish and on trend. It’s a good option for new build houses and apartment blocks that already have a distinctly modern look about them.

The main benefit brought to you by a rooflight is all the additional daylight you will experience. Choosing a flat rooflight maximises the light that can enter your property, as it has a large surface area. When you look up at the sky through the rooflight, you will be able to enjoy some impressive views. It will look especially beautiful on a bright and sunny day.

You will need to make sure a flat glass skylight corresponds with your budget – they are not a cheap option. Glass is a more premium product than polycarbonate. The benefits speak for themselves though so if you can, invest in glass.

Buying Quality Rooflights Online

Rooflights can be bought online from a variety of manufacturers and suppliers. It is never easy to know exactly what you are getting when you buy online, which can be a worry with something a big, expensive and important as a rooflight. Follow these tips to ensure you get quality rooflights for the right price:

  • Look out for names you can trust. Quality rooflight brands are what you should be searching for. See if suppliers offer the right brands to know if they are reputable.
  • Don’t opt for the lowest price. This might be appealing but you should probably not get the cheapest rooflights you see. It could be old stock or the quality may not be great.
  • Speak to someone in person. Explain your rooflight requirements and see how helpful the supplier is. If they are able to offer technical help and installation, they are well worth buying from.

Finding a Reliable Roofing Contractor

Quality roofs are fitted by quality roofing contractors. If you want your roof to stand the test of time, you will need to select the right person to put a roof on your building in the first place. Follow these steps to help you find the perfect contractor for your job:

  • Check a contractor’s specialities. Are they used to working with roof lights? Do they fit flat roofs? What is their usual kind of job? Choose someone who fits your roof type all the time.
  • Go over reviews in detail. Reviews are not always definitive and shouldn’t be relied on 100%, but they can give you a good indication of someone’s skills. If they have received a lot of negative reviews for their roofing work, be wary.
  • Get a range of quotes to make sure you’re not paying over the odds. A contractor who is going to charge you too much isn’t someone you can trust with an important job, as they’re clearly willing to deceive you.